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Swan Mussels X5 molluscs  

Swan Mussels X5 molluscs

Ideal For A Large Pondswan Mussels Are Bivalves That Live In The Muddy Bottom Of The Pond. They Can Filter Up To 30 Litres Of Water A Day. These Mussels Are Ideal For A Large Pond With Good Water Flow. Molluscs Eat Algae And Add Oxygen

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Viviparus Viviparus Trapdoor Snail Molluscs  

Viviparus Viviparus Trapdoor Snail Molluscs

Vivaparus Vivaparus trapdoor Snailtrapdoor Snails Are Very Effective For Cleaning The Pond Of Algae They Also Help To Breakdown Organic Matter.these Hardy Snails Feed At The Bottom Of The Pond And They Able To Survive A Winter In The Uk.  One Snail

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