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Product search results for category:Either Up A Trellis Or Up Bamboo Canes just Grow Them On In A Sunny Position And They’ll Reward You With Handsome Harvests In Late Summerhow Your Plants Arrivethese Plants Arrive To You As 5 Slips Around 8in 20cmin Length A ‘slip’ Is The Name Given: (showing 1 to 1 of 1)

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Purple Sweet Potato Molokai X5 Slips  

Purple Sweet Potato Molokai X5 Slips

Grow Purple Sweet Potato In The Uk And Get Nutritional Yam like Vegetables Really High In Nutrition. A Mid season Variety Harvest Extra long Sweet Potatoes Easy To Peel And Cut From August And Into September.enjoy The Summer Sun Harvesting These Gene

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