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Product search results for category:Particularly After Periods Of Heavy Rain Which May Wash Away Or Unevenly Distribute Some Of The Wood Fibreswhat Will 1 100litre Bag Coveri Bag Covers 6 Square Yards 5 Square Metres When Applied At A 1 ½ In 3cm Thicknessi Bag Will Cover Up To 45 50 Pots W: (showing 1 to 1 of 1)

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Gro sure Smart Ground Cover 100l  

Gro sure Smart Ground Cover 100l

Wood Fibres Naturally Lock Together Around Plants Which Stops Weeds Penetrating The Soil And Taking Hold In Your Prized Flower Beds. The Fibres Even Prevent Weed Seeds From Germinating Let Alone Growing To Keep Your Weeding At A Minimum So You Need O

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