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Price search results for Anti Mole Bulbs 

Anti Mole Bulbs

Anti Mole Bulbs

A clever natural solution to mole damage, Anti Mole bulbs have been successfully deterring moles in Sweden for the last decade. Once planted the bulbs secrete a smell that is undetectable to humans, but keeps moles and field mice away, without having to resort to pesticides or poison. Depending on location, they will last 2 5 years. Plant approximately 8m 9 yards apart 5 8cm 2 3 deep. One pack contains enough bulbs to cover up to 500msquared 5400 sq.ft. Please allow 10 14 days for delivery.

Best Price:  GBP14.99 from  Suttons Seeds

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Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Suttons Seeds Anti Mole Bulbs GBP14.99 Visit Store
Dobies Anti Mole Bulbs GBP14.99 Visit Store
Harrod Horticultural Anti Mole Bulbs GBP19.95 Visit Store
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