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Slug X

Slug X

The Slug X has already won a number of 'Best Buy' commendations in press features on slug control and countless customers continue to write to us with glowing testimonials. The Slug X attracts slugssnails using beer. A strong smell builds up inside the trap and the slugssnails are lured inside. Disorientated by the beer fumes, they cannot find their way out and fall into one of the drowning wells. The Slug X can clear a garden of slugs. Independent testers from The Daily Telegraph caught 147 slugs in just one night. It really works. Chemical Free and Environmentally Friendly. Unlike other slug control methods, the Slug X does not use poison and will not harm other wildlife.

Price:  GBP4.99 from  Keen Gardener

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Keen Gardener Slug X GBP4.99 Visit Store
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