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000 Scoville Units On The Chilli heat Scale You Can Eat Them Raw Or Use Medusa When Cooking To Add A Sweet Peppery Flavour To Your Sauces Rather Than Sheer Heataptly Named After The Greek Mythological Monster With Slithering Snakes For Hair


1 Of Each Varietytrailing begonia amourtrailing begonia Elegancetrailing begonia Devotiontrailing begonia Honeymoontrailing begonia Blissful 

1 X Propagator Base 4 X 9 Cell Trays 4 X 24 Cell Trays 4 X 48 Cell Trays 12 X Capillary Mats 1 X Bag Of Seed Compost 12 X Labels

10 Bluebell Hyacinthoides Non scripta and 10 Daffodil Narcissus ‘wp Milner’grow In Containers Or Plant Under Trees
























12 Anemone Blanda





































2 speed Setting Motor To Give You The Choice And Control Of How Powerful You Want The Jet To Be Either145kmh Or 209kmh This Model Will Remove Leaves

20 X Ground Pegs

205cm 8in H


20in51cm Wide And 2in8cm Deeplower Shelf Doubles The Storage Or Growing Space























3 Hyacinth ‘mixed’






39guitar Man39


4 Plastic Pots

















6 Will Fit Neatly Into A 8ft X 6ft Greenhouse Please Note Canes Not Suppliedherb Mint  garden Mint Is Easy To Grow Under Almost Any Conditions And Enjoys A Shady Aspect

6 Will Fit Neatly Into A 8ft X 6ft Greenhouse please Note Canes Not Suppliedbeetroot cardeal  beetroot cardeal has Been Specifically Bred For Baby Beet Production It Has An Excellent Globe Shape With A Refined Tap Root And Has Very Healthy Erect Foli



























A Mix Of Native Varieties Will Give Different Periods Of Interest And A Good Nesting And Winter Food Source For Birdsplanting Distances Vary From 30 60cm1 2ft Depending On The Variety And The Size Of Hedge Required For A Denser Hedge Plant A Staggered Dou

A Row Of Summer Bedding Or A Collection Of Fresh Herbs The Planter Holds 29 Litres Of Compost Which Is Ample Compost To Feed And Nourish The Flowers

A Specially Designed Sprayer see Online For Our Rangecontains 2

A Superb Varietylovejoylovejoy Has Very Distinctive Deep Maroon Blooms

According To Your Order can’t Plant Straight Away if You Cannot Plant Up Your Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Times you Can Place Your Plants On A Saucer Or Tray Of Wa

According To Your Ordercan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Courgette Plants Straight Away

According To Your Ordercan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Flower Plant Straight Away Into Its Permanent Position Make Sure The Plug Of Your Plants Is Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plant On A Saucer Or Tray Of Water So The P

According To Your Ordercan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your P

According To Your Ordercan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plants On A Saucer Or Tray Of Wat

According To Your Ordercan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Mullein Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plants On A Saucer Or Tray Of

Add A Bamboo Cane Or Similar Support Add Tie Growing Stems Loosely To The Canes With Stringhow Your Plants Arriveyou Receive 3 Young Plants In One Pack Each Of Your Plants Arrive To You As Young Plants Containing A ‘plug’ Of Soil With Roots Running Th

Adhesive Tapes Glues Accessories

Adjustments Can Be Made When Potting Up To Match The Heights Of The Trees

After Flowering

After Flowering Cut Back To Strong Buds Low Down On The Plant Cut Out Any Old

After Which They Will Need To Be Planted In Their Permanent Position 

Against insects

Against vermin

Agricultural Products

Also Known As The Blue globe Onion

Although More Frequent Applications May Be Required

Although They Are Gobbled Up Greedily By The Birds Crataegus Are Perfect Trees For Attracting Wildlife Including Pollinating Insectsthey Can Be Used As Specimen Trees Or As Part Of A Flowering Boundary Hedge Where Their Thorns Deter Intruders These Tough

An Excellent Cut Flower Or Border Perennial Echinacea Is Fantastic Flower For Attracting Insects

An Ideal Specimen Tree For Growing In A Small

And A Whole Host Of Other Plants Toowhat’s More

And Adds To The Strength Of The Stagingblack Edging Strip To Protect Outer Top Shelf Edgeslegs 30inl76cm High Onto Which The Shelves Double Bolt For Extra Strengthlower Shelf Stands 8in20cm From The Groundwhen Ordering Your Staging You Always Need One Sta

And Allows You To Grow Flowers On A Balcony

And Bulb Planting

And Can Be Used Year After Year For The Seasoned Gardener

And Champagne Bubbles A Totally Unique Lemon Cream Flushed With Amber sowing Time indoors Jan March Or Sept Octoutdoors March Aprilspecial Note Do Not Chip The Seeds Nor Soak Them In Water Before Sowing Sept Oct Sowings Produce The Most Vigorous And Earli

And Contributes To A Lovely looking Pond myriophyllum Spicatumthis Hard working Aquatic Remains Underwater Releasing All important Oxygen For Pondlife It Can Grow In Water 3m 10ft Deep But Is Best Established In Shallower Water And Allowed To Acclimatise

And Cover With A Little Soil

And Egg And Cheese Dishesvigorous and Tasty With A Multitude Of Uses

And Feet Covers To Protect The Cedar Woodand Because The Work Bench Is 100 Fsc Approved

And Fill In Pots Or Your Soil If It Is Not Naturally Acidicpick The Fruit Fresh As It Ripens Over The Summer These Blueberries Are Full Of Cold fighting Antioxidants – And Taste Great Fresh Or In Smoothies  Your Well developed And Trained Blueberry Pla

And Folds Back Into The Handle When Not In Use So You Can Work With The Saw From Shrub To Shrub In The Garden Safely And Conveniently 

And Has Excellent Natural Disease Resistancediscovery Is Grown Commercially On A Small Scale In The Uk

And In The Early Autumn From Mid September Through To Mid Octoberstep 2  preparationnew Lawn Firstly Prepare The Soil By Clearing Away Any Debris Dig Out Any Perennial Weeds And Treat The Area With Weedkiller Once The Soil Is Clear Of Weeds

And It Reliably Repeat Flowers To Give Plenty Of Roses For Cutting Rose Penny Lane Was Named Rose Of The Year In 1998combine Climbing Roses With Clematis And Honeysuckle For A Sensational Perfumed Display climbing Rose Penny Lane Has Been Given An Rhs Aw

And Just As Versatile

And Keep Your Potted Plant In A Sunny Position Keep The Soil Moist By Watering Each Day Look To Planting Into Its Permanent Position Within 5 7 Days

And Make An Unusual

And Nimble Tool Is Ideal For Small Gardens – Getting Through The Most Stubborn Of Weeds With Ease To Change The Trimmer To A Lawn edger For A Smart Precise Finish To Your Lawn

And Not Wasting Time Having To Stop To Unkink The Hosethe System Comes With An Additional 15m Hose

And Or Breezyenjoy These Colourful Plants As Part Of An Ornamental Display The Purple Flowers Contrast Well With The Red tinged Leaf Nodes And Green Leavesas A Leguminous Plant

And Place The Bulb On Topensure The Bulb Is The Right Way Up Mix The Soil With Some Compost And Backfill The Hole

And Prune The Fruiting Stems After Harvests To The Ground Level There Should Be Some Strong Leafy non fruiting Stems That Have Emerged From The Ground Tie These Onto The Supports

And Quick And Easy Ventilation On Hot Summer Daysonce You’re Done Just Roll Down The Side And Let Your Plants Grow And Thrive In The Protective Micro climate Of Your Greenhouse Easy to erect Frame Is Made From Durable Plastic

And Removing Once The Plants Are Ready To Move On They Also Allow Accurate Ventilation And Humidity Control For All Conditionssimple To Set Up And Easy To Access For An Excellent Environment For Raising Cropsplease Note This Product Will Only Fit The Medi

And Royal Wedding white

And Semi evergreen Foliage Award winning Variety That Is Also Beneficial For Bees And Other Pollinators Plant Them In A Moist Herbaceous Or Mixed Border And Watch It Spread Magnificent Clumps

And Suitable For Any Size Gardenthe Right Tree In The Right Place Can Transform A Garden Whether Formal Or Natural There Are Many Reasons To Grow Trees In Our Gardens But Mainly It Is For Their Ornamental Value

And That The Bulbs Are Firm

And The Flower Size And Stem Length Of Modern Spencer Varieties in Vibrant Red

And The Plants Will Cope With Poor Soils plantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Ballgently Tap The Plant Out Of Its Pot Without Disturbing The Soil Around The Rootsposition The Plant In The Hole So The Plant’s Crown Is Leve

And They Are Often Good Pollinators For Domestic Apple Trees malus Domestica if It Is Not Possible To Plant Because Soil Is Waterlogged Or Frozen Keep The Trees Somewhere Frost Free And Airy Keep The Roots Just Moist By Storing Them In Damp Compost Or If

And This Makes The Variety A Considerable Ornamental Feature In Your Spring Gardenas You Could Expect

And Tougher Plants Than Our Standard Extra Early Varieties Meaning Thse Will Crop 2 3 Weeks Earlieryou Receive 6 Tough And Well established Plugs Plants At Around 15 20cm 6 8in From Root To Tipremove Plugs From The Blister Pack Which Created A Greenhouse

And Up To 10 Large

And We Urge You To Try This Outstanding Varietythese Large Fruits Weigh As Much As Up To 111g 4 Oz And A Fruit For Every Leaf On The Tree Is To Be Expectedrootstock It39s Own Rootsflowering Group Self fertileyears Until Fruiting From Planting 1 2age Of Tr

And Will Lift The Spirits When They Peep Through In Winter

And Will Not Germinate In Unfavourable Conditions We Therefore Recommend You Do Not Sow Seed Outdoors Before May Runner Beans Require Support see Below And Its Best To Have This In Place Before You Sowsupport As Runner Beans Climb

And You Can Rest Assured Wildlife Keeps Away While Your Repellent Ribbon Does It Workmaintenance free It’s Easy To Apply And A Great Way To Keep Birds Like Pigeons And Crows Away From Seeds

And blends With The Surroundings Of Your Garden Plants And Vegetable Plotthe Bells Are Individually Hand Painted And  Are Made Of Metal

Annuals And Perennial Plants

Any Leaves From The Tree Should Be Burnt

Anything You Likehow Do The Flower Towers Workthere Is An Ingenius Internal Watering System Which Delivers Equal Amounts Of Waterfeed To The Plants Throughout The Tower

Apple Green

Apple Pie And Cakes Add Flower Heads To Jars Of Pickled Gherkins For The Best Ever Dill Pickles

Apply From March To October When Weeds Are Actively Growing On A Large Leaf Area Allowing Plenty Of Weedkiller To Be Absorbedeffects May Be Seen Within A Few Days But Full Control Can Take Up To 4 Weeks If It Rains Within 6 Hours Of Application Re treatme

Approx 80cm X 45cm

Approximately Up To 12m4ft Tall the Free Growing Success Droplet Feeders Liquid Feed For Citrus Trees Will Keep Citrus Plants Healthier For Up To 120 Days Carefully Remove The Lid

Arbours Gazebos

Are Easy To Grow And Will Come Back Bigger And Better Each Year they Will Attract A Huge Range Of Wildlife From Bees And Beneficial Insects To Birds And Butterflies

Are Held Above Deep Green

Are White With A Deep Pink Central Bar The Flowers Look Great In Situ


around 2 3 Times Their Depth


Art Deco

As Courgette Plants Naturally Spread And Appreciate The Space To Grow 

As It Provides Oxygenation In Hot And Sunny Conditions When It Is Needed The Mostwith No Wiring

As The Harvestable Crop Is The Growing Stems Rather Than Flowers And Fruits

As Well As Colour At A Height Sunflowers Make Good

As Well As Reducing Pump Re priming Frequencyfeatures A Selectable 15 Bar Function For Herbicides And 3 Bar For Insecticides And Fungicides Includes Two Different Nozzles There Is An Internal Mechanical Stirrer That Operates Every Time The Pump Is Operate

As Well as suppressing Them 500ml Pack Makes Up To 110 Gallons500 Litres Bio gro Banishes Pests Including white Fly thrips red Spider Mite black Fly snails slugs Read More

Ashmead39s Kernel Is Actually Quite Versatileit Can Be Used For Cooking


 as Its Name Suggests

 six Will Fit Neatly Into A 8ft X6ft Greenhouse The Greenhouse Beds Are Also Collapsible bag And Drip Irrigation Kita Gravity fed Watering System Offering The Benefits Of Drip Watering At A Low Price As The Kit Is A Self Contained System

 these Are Greigii Tulips They are Attractive Even Before The Flowers Appear With Decorative


Back To Within A Few Inches Of The Ground

Bags Of Sweetness And Massive Crops Of Up To 25kg Per Plant In Ideal Conditionsprimocane autumn fruiting Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Current Year After Cropping

Barbecues Accessories

Baskets or Beds From April Onwardson A Pleasant And Dry spring Or Summer Day Plant Out Into Soil And Water Well As The Plants Start To Flower Add A High Potassium Fertiliser To Give Your Flowers A Real Boostdeadhead Spent Blooms To Keep Plants In Bloom

Bays Or Flowering cherriesholds 40 Litres Of Compost 

Bays Or Flowering cherriesholds 60 Litres Of Compost  

BBQ smokers

Be It Summer Or Winter 

Be Sure To Plant At Metre Spacing In All Directionsleave The Crop To Grow And Develop In The First Year Without Harvestingfeed Plants In Summer With A General Fertiliser One High In Nitrogen Is Beneficial

Be Sure To Water Generously

Bean Bags

Because It Was Launched In Usa At The End Of Ww11

Because They Produce Much Stronger


Beds And Borders Hyacinths Can Waft Their Fragrance A Long Distance

Beds And Bordersideal Granular Fertiliser For Use In The Vegetable Gardenpromotes Vigorous Plants Which Produce Heavy Crops Of Fruit And Vegetables

Begonia Illuminations Mix

Bent Or Emerging From The Surface It Basically Needs To Be Deep Enough To Entirely Cover The Roots All The Way Up To The Soil Mark On The Stemuse A Granular Fertiliser To Give The Planting Hole A Boost Before Plantingposition the Plant Into The Planting

Berries Or Autumn Colour Even When Leafless In Winter They Still Have Their Own Beauty And Formcare Should Be Taken To Choose A Tree That Is Suitable For The Space You Have Available Look At The Eventual Height And Spread Of The Chosen Specimen Delivery F

Berries Or Autumn Colour Even When Leafless In Winter They Still Have Their Own Beauty And Formcare Should Be Taken To Choose A Tree That Is Suitable For The Space You Have Available Look At The Eventual Height And Spread Of The Chosen Specimenmost Of Our

Bigger And Undamaged Harvestmicromesh Offers The Ultimate Protection For Fruit And Vegetables Creating A Physical Barrier Against Birds

Bigger And Undamaged Harvestprevent Scorching Of Plants From Late Spring To Early Autumn 5mm High density Polyethylene Netting Which Provides Shading From Strong Sunlight Also Gives Protection From Insects

Bigger And Undamaged Harvesttough Uv Stabilised 150 micron Polyethylene Which Forms A Complete Barrier Retaining Humidity And Warmth Protects Against Frosts

Biostretch Is Also Very Strong And Elasticated

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders And Bird Bathswill Not Harm Plant Material So May Also Be Used To Disinfect Water For Washing Cuttings

Bird Netting


Birdsfoot Trefoil Is A Great Source Of Nectar For Many Insects And Will Attract Large Numbers To The Garden Throughout The Summer Months Theyre Great For Growing On The Veg Patch Too

Bishop Of Leicester And Bishop Of Oxford Replacing Bishop Of Yorkplant The Tubers At Least 20cm8in Deep And 75cm30in Apart When There Is No Risk Of Frost And The Soil Has Warmed Up When Stems Are Around 30cms1ft Tall Start Staking Them Dahlias Will Grow I

black Touchplant The Tubers At Least 20cm8in Deep And 75cm30in Apart When There Is No Risk Of Frost And The Soil Has Warmed Up When Stems Are Around 30cms1ft Tall Start Staking Them Dahlias Will Grow In Almost Any Location

Blanch In Boiling Water

Blood And Bone Plant Food Do The Hard Work For Youeffective

Blooming To Give Warm

Blue to Purple Berries Are Formed In Large Numbers And Are Ready To Harvest Through Summer You Can Eat Them Straight From The Plant

Blues And Purples Brings A Touch Of Elegance And Charming Fragrance To The Flower Border Great For Cut Flowers To Bring The Wonderful Scent Indoors With Cutting Some Of The Flowers You’ll Encourage Your Plants To Produce More And Moreberry Kiss  Colour



Borders Or Containers


Bright Daysrootstock It39s Ownage Of Tree At Despatchheight At Full Growth 12m40ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of 35ft 5ft 105cm 140cm Depending On The Varietyin Order To Ensure A Good Pollination Pick

Bringing It To Life With Their Beautiful Colours And Sounds

Buckland Produces Much Larger Flowers Perfect For Cottage garden Displays

Burrowing Insects And Adverse Weatherthis Planter Comes Complete With A Permeable Liner Which Means Your Ornamentals And Crops Can Take Up Water As And When They Need It


But Frost free Place For The Winter

But If You Are Looking To Grow Just One Cherry Tree That Stella Is The Variety For Youit Is Actually A Very Good Pollinator For Other Cherries Including All Of The Traditional English Cherries many Of These Are Not Self fertile And Require Complicated Ste

But Not Saturated Gradually Accustom The Young Plants To Outside Conditions For 2 3 Weeks Before Planting Them Out To Their Cropping Positions From Late May Onwards

But Slower Acting Than A Contact Action Pesticide Which Kills The Adult Ant But Not The Young Larvae Undergroundwhen You Receive Your Pack Of Nemasys

But The Flowers Are Edible Too And Look Beautiful In Salads

But The Traditional Way Is To Serve In The Same Was As Asparagusonce Planted

But Will Also Ripen Well In A Cool Greenhouseall Our Vines Have Been Tried And Tested In The Uk

Butterflies And Other Insects Into The Garden This Scabious Will Flower For Much Of The Summer And Also Make A Wonderful Cut Flower

Butterflies And Other Pollinating Insects The More Pollination That Goes On In Your Garden

Butterflies And Pollinating Insects Will Loveits Not Only Great For Insects

By Its Nature It’s Long Lasting





Camping Trekking

Car Care


Carrot Fly And Other Flying Insect Pests In The Garden Or Greenhousebright Yellow Colour Is Particularly Attractive To Whitefly

Carrying Huge Glossy Leaves And Attractive Large

Casseroles Or Roasted With The Sunday Lunch






Charcoal grills


Chippers Shredders

Chivers Delight Is Quite Similar To Braeburn In Size


Christmas Decoration

Christmas New Years Cards

Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Trees

Clever Upcycling Ideas And Simple

Closed Tips For Lovely Asparagus Salads Or Garnishes For Summer Mealsif You Want Extra tender Snow white Spears Simply Mound The Soil Up Around Them In Early Summer

Cold Soil So If This Is A Danger Or It’s A Particularly Cold Spring

Compact Variety That Produces An Amazing Abundance Of Chilli Peppers That Grow Upright And Look Like Little Bright Lights Growing Above Smooth Green Leaves Peppers Have Real Bite

Compost Makers

Concrete Or Wood As Well The Sides Of Poly tunnels Not Only Is Algae Unsightly


Conference Is Perfect For Both Culinary And Snacking Usesthis Popular And Tasty Variety Is Self fertile sf So It Flowers And Fruits Independently They Produce Fruit

Container Or Grow Bed Adding Some High potassium Plant Food For A Flower And Fruit boostplace Straw Under The Strawberry Leaves Where Possible To Prevent Fruit Rotting On The Soil And Protect From Birds Using Netting 

Containers And Hanging Baskets And Will Flower For Long Periods Over Summer A Designer Mix For The More Discerning Gardener          

Containers And Hanging Baskets Marguerites Are Tender Perennials That Can Be Overwinteredthis Collection Contains One Of Each Plantmarguerites ‘aramis Red’marguerites ‘aramis Rose’marguerites ‘aramis Lemon’marguerites ‘aramis apricot39margu

Containers And Hanging Baskets Marguerites ‘aramis  double Chocolate’ Is A Tender Perennial That Can Be Overwintered 

Containers And Hanging Baskets Marguerites ‘aramis Lemon’ Is A Tender Perennial That Can Be Overwintered 

Containers And Hanging Baskets Marguerites ‘aramis Red’ Is A Tender Perennial That Can Be Overwintered 

Containers And Hanging Baskets Marguerites ‘aramis Rose’ Is A Tender Perennial That Can Be Overwintered 

Containers And Planters

Cooked Dishes Or For Pickling Easy To Grow And Grows Well In Containers And Patio Planters


Cool Position Away From Full Sun Like An Unheated Porch Or Greenhouselook To Planting In A Larger Container Within 5 Days


Correcting Many Plant Health Deficiencies stimulates And Enhances Immunological Plant Functions

Correcting Many Plant Health Deficienciesstimulates And Enhances Immunological Plant Functions

Cottage style Bouquets For The House Toothis Mix Contains Flowers Thast Bees


Cranberriescontains 20 Ww Iron Soluble In Wateradvice Apply As Per Direction On Products Do Not Exceed Application Rate Wash Hands Exposed Skin After Use Apply Evenly Between Plants

Creamy white Flowers From Sporadically From December Through To March Which Are Often Followed By Ornamental Red Berries The Deep Green Leaves Are Sometimes Tinged With Purple Lonicera Fragrantissima Is Without A Doubt A Fabulous Semi evergreen Shrub

Creating A Wildflower Area

Crunchy Pak Choi Yukai Sa

Crunchy Tat Soi And Crisp Pak Choi Make This An Easy To Grow And Very Satisfying Salad Combination Serve With Your Favourite Salad Dressing Divine

Cucumbers And Vine Fruits• Large Roof Vents – For Maximum Air Flow In The Warm Summer Months Keeping Your Plants Healthy And Disease Resistant• One Sliding Door – For Easy Opening• Zero Threshold Door System – Jam free

Curly Crispy And Tasty sowing Timeindoors March Mayoutdoors May Julysowing Indoors Almost Fill A Seed Tray With Moist Seed Compost Sow Seeds Thinly Over The Surface And Lightly Cover Them With A Little More Compost Alternatively Sow Individually In Module

Custom Made For The Small 1m Vegtrug

Cut Out The Old

Cylindrical Candles

Cylindrical Fruit It Produces Are 20cm Long The Plant Has Very Few Leaf And Stem Spines Making It Easier To Pick For The Home Gardener It’s Definitely One Of The Best Yellow Varieties And Adds Wonderful Vibrancy To Any Meal You Use It Indespatched Late


Dark And Frost Free Place Over Winter

Dark And Frost Free Place Over Winterdahlias Will Grow Almost In Any Location

Dark Purple Fruits Great Sliced

Deciduous Shrub Is Perfect Planted In A Partially Shaded Border But Really Shines When Trained Against A Wall Although This Method Takes More Time It Is Definitely Worth Giving It A Goplantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Bal

Deep Pink

Deep Purple Plums Are Ready For Picking From Late Augustgrown On Roots To Restrict Their Height To 28in 70cm They Produce Lots Of Fruit At A Height For Easy pickinghow Your Plants Arriveyou Receive Our Plum Trees As Young Specimens Growing Strongly And St

Deeply Lobed Foliage Changes Colours From Lush Green To Vibrant Redafter Flowering Gillenia Trifoliate Forms Attractive Seed Heads Best Planted Near The Front Of Border

Delicious For Salads And Cookingshallot Golden Gourmet 25 Bulbs This Is A Very Aromatic Shallot With A Lovely Sweet Taste Superb For Cooking Where It Adds Great Flavour To Many Dishes It Has Attractive Coppery brown Skin And Sweet Pink Fleshgarlic Solent

Depending On Weather Conditions Unpack Them Immediately And Plant As Soon As Possible After Deliveryyour Bare Root Roses Will Be Sent Out With Full Planting And Care Instructionsprune Roses To Shape In Springdeadhead Spent Flowers As They Fade To Prolong

Depending On Weather Conditionsrootstock Salixage Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 15m5ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of 35ft 5ft 105cm 140cm Depending On The Varietyin Order To Ensure A Good

Detering Pests Away From Your Crops

Disease Resistant And A Very Reliable And Heavy Cropperthese Qualities Mean That The Variety Is Also Ideal For Your Garden Or Small Orchard

Disease Resistant 

Do Not Take This Plant With You Outside Of The Uk


Double Flowers These Flowers Are Borne From April To May Among Lushgreen Leaves  Which

Downy And Powdery Mildewsow Beetroot Solo Seeds Thinly Between March To July

Dr Keith Hammett Is A Botanist And Plant Pathologist He Developed A Keen Interest In Sweet Peas While Still At School



Early Maturing Variety That Will Not 39blow39 In Warm Weatherby Sowing Seed In The Autumn And Then Gently Growing The Plants On Over The Winter Under Controlled


Easy To Grow And Nutritious• Not Affected By Blight• Requires Little Or No Fertilizer• Versatile Can Be Eaten Raw Or Cooked – Boiled

Effective Up To 5mwire free

Egg Dishes

Egg shaped Sweet And Juicy Plums During Augustgreat Eaten Fresh Or Used In Pies

Either Up A Trellis Or Up Bamboo Canes just Grow Them On In A Sunny Position And They’ll Reward You With Handsome Harvests In Late Summerhow Your Plants Arrivethese Plants Arrive To You As 5 Slips Around 8in 20cmin Length A ‘slip’ Is The Name Given

Electric Mowers

Electrical Trimmers

Empties Right To The Bottom And Made From Materials Usually Reserved For Professional Sprayers Puts This In A Class Of Its Own10x8inch 26x20cm 300g When Empty

Enhances Flower

Enough For 150sqm fast Acting With Results In 24 Hours kills The Weed And Root System sprayer And Watering Can Application kills Most Weed With A Single Application breaks Down In The Soil Naturally kills Grasses

Ensure The Container Has Drainage Holes And That It Is Not Sitting In A Puddle Of Water Check Each Evening To See If This Is The Case Placing Containers On Bricks In Wet Spells Allows Water To Drain Away 

Environmentally Friendly

Equally Spaced Around The Side Size 12” Dia X 7” Height 30 X 18cm

Especially Childrenunwins Have Been Breeding Sweet Peas For Over 100 Years We Recommend Starting The Seed Off In Rootrainers And Then Planting Out Once They Become Established normally In Marchapril In A Sunny

Especially If Planted Directly Into The Soilyou Will Be Amazed As The Plants Reach Their Full Potential And Produce Amazingly Healthy Plants And Bumper Crops Of Delicious Tomatoes supplied As Well rooted Young Plants In 7cm Potsweet Million Is An Easy gr

Especially If Planted Directly Into The Soilyou Will Be Amazed As The Plants Reach Their Full Potential And Produce Amazingly Healthy Plants And Bumper Crops Of Delicious Tomatoesshirley Is A Heavy Cropper Producing Beautiful Looking

Especially On Chalky Soils Boron Encourages Healthy Plant Cells Hoe Fertiliser Into The Soil Before You Plant For Your Best Ever Displaycell Traysexcellent For Large Seed

Especially grow Hypericum Calycinum In Full Sun Or Partial Shade In Moist

Even When Planted In Isolationrootstock prunus Myrobalanflowering Group Self fertileyears Until Fruiting From Planting 2 4age Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 4m13ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Heigh

Even When Planted In Isolationrootstock prunus Persicaflowering Group Self fertileyears Until Fruiting From Planting 2 4age Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 4m13ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height

Even When The Weather Gets Unpleasantdimensions l 4m X H 70cm


Feeds For Up To Four Months50 Lighter Than Standard Multi purpose Compost

Fiesta Is The Perfect Juicing Apple 

Finely Beaded Succulent Heads From May To June No Matter What The Weather16 x Cabbage Duncan Cabbage Duncan A ‘pointed39 Variety That Is Extremely Versatile Harvest Very Early As Leafy Greens Allow To Heart Up For Cutting From May To Juneby Sowing Seed

Finely Beaded Succulent Heads From May To June No Matter What The Weather8 X Cabbage Duncan Cabbage Duncan A ‘pointed’ Variety That Is Extremely Versatile – Harvest Very Early As Leafy Greens Allow To Heart Up For Cutting From May To Juneby Sowing S

Fireplaces Heaters Stoves

Firm In Gently And Water Well Prune Roses To Shape In Spring And Deadhead Spent Flowers As They Fade To Prolong The Display

Firm In Gently And Water Well your Bare Root Roses Will Be Delivered At The Right Time For Planting

Firm In Gently And Water Wellyour Bare Root Roses Will Be Delivered At The Right Time For Planting

Firm Oval Tubers Gives High Yields With Good Disease Resistance 

Firming In Well Use Acidic Ericaceous Soil For Your Blueberries To Thriveyou Can Transplant Containerised Plants At Any Time Of The Year

Firming The Plants Into The Soil Keep The Soil Moist Throughout The Winter

Firming The Soil Gently To Ensure There Are No Air Pocketsplanting In Containersplanting In Containers Allows You To Extend The Flowering Area Of Your Garden

Flea Beetles

Flower Earlier And Provide Lots Of Different Varieties For Cuttingsweet Pea Plants Will Be Despatched From April

Flower Garden Or Vegetable Patch sowing Timeindoors Feb Mayoutdoors April Junesowing Indoors Almost Fill A Seed Tray With Moist Seed Compost Sow Seeds Thinly Over The Surface

Flower Pots Stands

Flower Type And Shape Tulip Eternal Flame Is Grouped In Class 2  Double Early Tulips

Flower Type And Shape Tulip Tarda Is A Species Tulip And Is Grouped In Class 15 Miscellaneous   The Tulips In This Class Are All Different But They Are Generally Characterised By Their Distinctive

Folate And Lycopene And Low In Calories

Followed By Extension Packs e And Comer Packs c To Best Suit Your Layout 


For Sauces

For The Perfect Growing Environment And Secured In A Cardboard Cover For Stability Of Plants In Transiteach Module Contains At Least Five Sturdy Plants – Giving A Minimum Of 45 Plants Plants Are Ready For Immediate Planting And Have A Fully Established


Free flowering And Disease resistant Such A Reliable Varietyhere’s How To Sow Seeds For Successful Germination…1      Fill A 6 9cm Pot Or Cell Tray With Seed Compost – Which Is Light And Contains A Small But Balance Level Of Nutrients In The So

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

From Early March To Mid April They Will Need Hardening Off Before Planting Out And Will Need Some Protection Until This Happens

From June Often Producing A Smaller Second Crop In Autumn If You Prefer To Grow Under Cloches Or Tunnels Then This Is A Good Variety To Choose Has Some Resistance To Botrytis you’ll Receive 10 Each Of ‘cambridge Favourite’

Frost Free Area They Can Be Re planted The Following Spring

Frost Hardy Even When Flowering And Also Disease Resistantthe Fruit Is Thin Skinned

Fruit Trees Bushes

Fruited Wood In Autumnwinter And Tie In The New Growths To The Supportprimocane autumn fruiting Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Current Year After Cropping

Fully Hardy Canes Are Almost Spineless Making Picking A Pleasure Floricane Raspberries Flower And Fruit On The Old

Furniture Feet Brackets



Garden Benches

Garden Chairs

Garden Equipment

Garden Fences Gates

Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture Suites

Garden Gnomes

Garden Heaters

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Garlic Shallot Fertiliser Worth £695sets Will Be Released From The Preparation Rooms Just As Soon As They Are Ready For Planting 



Ginger Mint And Curry Plant Which You Simply Add To A Pot

Give A Delightful Bicolour Effect In Salads approx 75 Setsshallot Golden Gourmet  this Is One Of The Best Of The Brown skinned Shallots Producing Good Fleshy Bulbs With A Delicious Flavour They Are A Very Good Storage Variety

Give Them Some Support To Prevent Them Flopping You Can Do This With Canes And String But The Coloured Stems Of Cornus Or Willow Tied With Natural Raffia Or Narrow Ribbon

Giving You High Yields Of Delicious Strawberries Next Year From As Early As June Harvest June September

Giving Your Garden The Wow Factora Must have For New And Experienced Gardeners



Good Skin And Bulb Firmness – As Well As Great Pungency And Flavoursupplied In A Handy Re sealable Tub With Integral Dispenser

Graceful Stems

Grass Seeds

Grass Turf

Green plants flowering plants




Half hardy Annual

Halogen Light Bulbs

Hardy Plants That Give A Marvellous Display Year After Year

Head Of Horticulturewe39d Recommend You Plant Five To A Basket Or Container For Create Maximum Colour And Impact

Healthy And Looking At Their Bestin Both Secateurs The Sharp Blades Are Set To Make Sure They Create Clean Cuts And No Snagging

Healthy Cuts And The Straightest Of Lines Vibrations And Noise Are Kept Very Low

Hedge Trimmers

Heel The Trees In To A Patch Of Bare Ground Until You’re Ready To Plant Them Into Their Permanent Positions Prune Ornamental Cherries In Summer To Prevent The Risk Of Silver Leaf Diseaserootstock Coltage Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 6m20ft

Heel The Trees In To A Patch Of Bare Ground Until You’re Ready To Plant Them Into Their Permanent Positions Your Bare Root Trees Will Be Delivered At The Right Time For Plantingnormally Between Autumn And Early Spring

Heel The Trees In To A Patch Of Bare Ground Until You’re Ready To Plant Them Into Their Permanent Positionsprune Ornamental Cherries In Summer To Prevent The Risk Of Silver Leaf Disease And Bacterial Canker Entering The Pruning Cutsrootstock Coltage Of

Heel The Trees In To A Patch Of Bare Ground Until You’re Ready To Plant Them Into Their Permanent Positionsrootstock It39s Ownage Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 30m100ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximat

Help And Practical Advice From The Garden Answers Expertsbuying A Print Magazine Subscription To Garden Answers Is A Popular Choice The Printed Magazine Will Enable You To Enjoy The Feel Of The Magazine In Your Hands And Benefit From Having It delivered

High And Low

High Pressure Cleaners

High Yields And Reliability

Highlights Stunning And Classic Flower Combinations And Offers Step by step Guides To Planting And Aftercaremakes A Great Gift For The Garden lovers You Know Or Indeed An Essential Reference Guide For You For Creating Gorgeous Bulb flower Displays For You

Home and garden

Home Garden

Hot Flavour planting Out Plant Into Growing Bags Or The Greenhouse Border When The First Flowers Have Openedaftercare Water Regularly And Feed With Liquid Fertiliser As Fruits Begin To Swellharvest July –sept Peppers Freeze Well

House Terrace Plants

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Hover Mowers

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httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameWinter26amp3BSpringCroppingBrassicaCollection 16Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukwinter and spring cropping brassica collection 16 plants pid7014html

httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameWinter26amp3BSpringCroppingBrassicaCollectionX32Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukwinter and spring cropping brassica collection x32 plants pid7017html

httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameWinter26amp3BSpringCroppingBrassicaCollectionX64Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukwinter and spring cropping brassica collection x64 plants pid7019html

httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameZonalGeraniumGrandeurClassicPeppermint Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukzonal geranium grandeur classic peppermint plants pid5557html

httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameZonalGeraniumGrandeurClassicRedPepper Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukzonal geranium grandeur classic red pepper plants pid5558html

httptrackwebgainscomclickhtmlwgcampaignid44857wgprogramid1328product1wglinkid89490productnameZonalGeraniumGrandeurClassicSalmonPicotee Plantswgtargethttpwwwunwinscoukzonal geranium grandeur classic salmon picotee plants pid5556html

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Humid Environmentbare root Plants Are Perfect For You To Plant In The Ground Or In Containers Anytime From Autumn To Spring  The Head Of Leaves And Stems Will Burst Into Leaf And Flower From Next Spring

Hummus And Sandwiches Or Blanch And Add To Stews



Ideal For A Windy Gardencrocus Ruby Giant X 12 This Unusual Crocus Has Long Lasting Red purple Bloomsmuscari Armeniacum Agm X 14 Commonly Called Grape Hyacinths

Ideal For Patio Pots Or Borders Fast Growing Lavatera Red Rum Has The Strong Growth And Vigour Of Traditional Varieties But It Is Naturally Compact And Easy To Manageplant Into Good Well Drained Garden Soil In A Sunny Positionaftercare Prune Established P

If It Is Heavy Clay Add A Cushioning Layer Of Coarse Sand Or Grit To The Bottom

If Unavoidable

In A Conservatory Or On A Warm Summer Patio Provides An Excellent Yield Of Bright Red Fruitsfirebell   a Small Sweet

In Any Soil But They Relish Good

In Aquariums And Also For Alpine Landscapes It May Also Be Used On Potting Benches To Provide An Excellent

In Frost free Conditions

In Pots On The Patio Or All Together In A Formal Herb Garden Very Easy To Grow

In The Evening To Give Them That Protection From The Coldthis Climbing Variety Grows To Around 18in 45cm Tall So You May Need To Support With Canes And Strings Around The Plantshow Your Plants Arriveyou Receive 3 Young Plants In One Pack Each Of Your Plan

Including Under water

Including Water Lilliesour Aquatic Planters Are Specifically Designed For Pond Planting In Various Sections Of The Pond

Incorporate Bulky Compost Or Manure Into The Soil


Into Free Draining Soil Avoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged On Heavy Soils Add Grit To The Planting Hole To Prevent Bulbs Rotting For A Natural Effect Scatter The Bulbs And Plant Them Where They Fall Planting Daffodil Bulbs In Grass If You

Into Free Draining Soil Avoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged On Heavy Soils Add Grit To The Planting Hole To Prevent Bulbs Rotting Plant Dutch Iris Rhizomes In Containers Of Bulb Compost Or Gritty Free Draining Compost Plant The Bulbs Around

Into Free Draining Soil For A Natural Effect Scatter The Bulbs And Plant Them Where They Fall Plant Garden Hyacinths Near To Paths Or Doorways Where Their Scent Can Be Appreciated Avoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged On Heavy Soils Add Grit

Into Free Draining Soil For A Natural Effect Scatter The Bulbs And Plant Them Where They Fall Plant Garden Hyacinths Near To Paths Or Doorways Where Their Scent Can Be Appreciatedavoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged On Heavy Soils Add Grit T



Irregularly shaped Bulbs Should Be Planted Around 10cm4in Deep Into Rich

Is Now Available Commercially For The First timeplant The Bare Root Into A Bed Or Container Containing Rich

Is Really Big On Features• High Eaves – Allows More Space For Tall Plants Like Cordon Tomatoes• Large Roof Vents – For Maximum Air Flow In The Warm Summer Months Keeping Your Plants Healthy And Disease Resistant• Two Narrow Sliding Doors• Zero

It Bears Fruit While Still At Quite A Young Age The Fruits Are Perfect For Cooking And Eating Freshrootstock st Julian Aflowering Group Fg3years Until Fruiting From Planting 2 4age Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 4m13ftmost Of Our Trees Are De

It Beats Most Of The Other Primocane Varieties On The Market

It Can Be Used As A Handy Receptacle To Collect Cut Flowers For Vases Indoorsand It’s Not Just Flowers That You Can Collect With This Rattan Planter The Timeless Rattan Surround Means That This Planter Looks Great Not Only On Windowsills But On Exhibiti

It Increases Without You Needing To Carry Out Any Specialist Propagation

It Is Also Very Easy To Manage

It Might Be Time To Reserve Your Place On The Show Bench With This One It’s A Fairly Recent Introduction But This Pink Sweet Pea Is One Of The Best To Grow

It Produces A Head Which Can Be Eated Like A Sweetheart Cabbage Spring Greens Are Packed Full Of Iron

It Takes Away The Need For Ugly Wiring Effective

It Takes Care Of Your Plants Once You’ve Planted Ensuring You Have The Best Garden Displays20 Litres Fills 4 5 12in 30cm Diameter Pots Which Gives You The Compost For A Lovely Container Display Buy More To Give You Containers More Impactequally You Can

It Will Quickly Right Itself When Exposed To Daylight To Grow Straight And Upright read Our Blog For More Information On Why Tomato Plants Do This

It Will Quickly Right Itself When Exposed To Daylight To Grow Straight And Uprightread Our Blog For More Information On Why Tomato Plants Do This

It39s Best To Start Them Off Under Cover And Plant Them Out In Late May After The Risk Of Frost Has Passedafter Care Unearth The Tubers In The Autumn After The Plant Has Died Back And Store In A Well Ventilated

It’s Their Roots That Really Get Growing You Won’t See This As It’s All Happening Underground Once Spring Turns Into Summer Those Roots Will Promote Lots Of Green Growth Above The Soilcan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Can39t Plant Up Your Fruit Tree

Its Best To Start Them Off Under Cover And Plant Them Out In Late May After Risk Of Frost Has Passed Unearth The Tubers In The Autumn After The Plant Has Died Back And Store In A Well Ventilated


Janet Was A Pleasure To Work With

Juicy Fleshed Bulbs Slow To Boltspecial Note they Are Raised Early

Juicy fleshed Bulbsonion Sturon Is Slow To Bolt Keeps Extremely Well In Storage And Is Supplied As Multi sown Modulespecial Note They Are Raised Early

Juicy Fruit That Taste Sublime When Freshly Pickedmid Season Strawberry First Harvest Between June July This Yearfully Hardy Leave Them In The Ground Or Container Throughout Winter For Another Harvest Next Yearheavy Cropping 30 Plants Will Produce Up To 6

Juicy Melting Flesh And A Thin Skin And It Tastes Exactly Like An Apple Should The Flavour Is Essentially Sweet

Just By Providing A Bit Of Heat capacity 05 Litres

Just Pop Them Out

Just Snip Off The New Growth And Flower Stems With Secateurs

Just Water To The Plants And Where You Want It


Keep Away From Small Children And Eat With Care warning This Variety Is Extremely Hot Always Wash Your Hands After Handling Chillis And Do Not Rub Eyes

Keep Away From Small Children And Eat With Great Carewarning This Variety Is Extremely Hot

Keep Citrus Trees In Direct Sunlight For The Longest Time Possible Grown In Containers You Can Move Citrus Trees Around To Maximise Exposure To The Sun 

Keep Plants In A Light Place Away From Direct Sunlight And Keep The Soil Of The Small Plants Moist At All Timesplant Up In Their Permanent Position Within Seven Days

Kitchen Products


Labelled Clearly On The Mats For Easy –identification


Lamps Lights

Lavish Blooms Plant Up Several Pots And Baskets Of Five Plants For A Really Impactful And Splendidly scented Displaygrow In Pots With Compost Suitable For Bedding To Ensure The Plants Have The Best Soil To Grow And Thrive Inif You Grow Them In Flower Beds

Lawn Mowers

Lawns And Ornamental Plants And Is Completely Odourless Tooone Application Will Last Up To 6 Weeksuse Biocides Safely Always Read The Label And Product Information Before Use should Be Applied To The Foliage Of Any Growing Plant

Leaf Blowers Vacuums

Leek Like Onions

Leisure Time

Lemon scented Leaves And Spikes Of Tiny Pale Lilac Flowers Ideal For Gardens

Length 124cm 49in

Letting The Soil Absorb The Water From Underneath After About Two to Five Minutes Remove From The Container Of Water3      Press The Seed Into Individual Cells Or Pots The Soil To A Depth Of About 2cm Using A Dibber Or Pencil4      Cover The See

Lettuce Rekord

Light And Airy Placecheck That All Corms are In Good Condition Before Planting

Light Bulbs

Lighting Up Semi shaded Areas Plant The Camassia Bulbs To Create An Excellent Border Or As Part Of A Meadow Planting Scheme With Other Moisture Loving Bulbs Such As Fritillariacamassias Are Just As Much At Home In Natural Planting Schemes And They Thrive

Lightly Cover With Soil And Water In The Mat Disintegrates In The Soil Afterwards So The Perfect placed Seeds Are Free To Germinate And Growthe Pre sown Seeds

Like This One

Lilies And Crocus And Amaryllis Approximate Weight 6 7kgfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply

Loamy Soil That Contains Lots Of Nutrients And Organic Matter

Long lasting Cut Flowersplant The Bare Roots Into Weed Free

Lugs For Using A Padlock not Supplied And Wheels On One Side For Ease Of Moving Around On Hard Surfacesinternal Size L 125cm X H 65cm X D 45cm

Lunch Boxes


Maincrop Variety

Making It A Stylish Garden For All Four Seasonswe Give You Super Red As A Potted Plant With A Strong Root Network Plant In Pots As A Permanent Centre Piece To Complement Surrounding Flowers Or Add To Flower Beds To Give You That Bit Of Garden Permanence Y

Making It Easier For You To Harvest your Plants On Arrival bare root Plants Are Perfect For You To Plant In The Ground Or In Containers Anytime From Autumn To Spring the Head Of Leaves And Stems Will Burst Into Leaf And Flower From Next Spring

Making It Ideal For Smaller Spaces And Perfect For Gardensit’s Easy To Crops And Grows Well With Little Effort

Making It One Of The Earliest And Longest Fruiting Varieties

Making Your Display Look Attractive And Alertbacopa Baristo Whitecascading White Flowers Like The Crests Of Breaking Waves Add Motion And Vivacity To Your Hanging Basket Bacopa Baristo White Flowers En Masse For A Spectacular Showyou Receive 6 Young Plant

Making Your Flowers Super Drought Toleranteach Rootgrow Biscuit Also Contains Fertilisers To Give Plants A Steady Nutrient Release For Up To Four Months

Mash It

Mashing And Due To The Natural Size Of The Crop It Is An Excellent Baking Potato

Mat Forming Plant With Insignificant Flowers flowers julyheight 5cm2in spread 1m39in ranunculus Aquatiliswater Crowfoot Is A Pretty Little Flowering Plant Suitable For Any Size Pond flowers may height 5cm2inspread 40cm16in 

Mean That Surfinia Petunias Will Be Strong

Meaning The Flowers Sit Just Above The Foliage Fantastic For Forming A Denser Hedging Or For A Neater

Meaning You39ll Be Able To Enjoy Crops For As Long As Possible Through The Summer Collection Consists Of 6 Potted Plants Each Of Strawberry Christine early with Large Very Bright Orange red Fruit With An Exceptionally Fine Sweet Flavour Christine Is The B

Meat And Game


Medium To Large Berries


Mildew And Splinter free Enjoy Planting Up Year on year Basket Displays

Moist And Out Of Direct Sunlight And You Will Be Picking In Days Truly Fresh

Moist Soil Provide A Thick Layer Of Compost On The Surface Around The Plant Which Will Keep The Soil Area Warm And The Roots Stimulated For Over Winter 

Moist Soil Provide A Thick Layer Of Compost On The Surface Around The Plant Will Keep The Soil Area Warm And The Roots Stimulated For Over Winter 

Moist Soil Provide A Thick Layer Of Compost On The Surface Around The Rose Plant Will Keep The Soil Area Warm And The Roots Stimulated

Moisture Retentive Soil Hydrangeas Can Change Colour Depending On The Acidity Of The Soil So If You Garden On Alkaline Soil Grow The Blue Hydrangeas In A Container Of Ericaceous Compostafter Care keep Plants Well Watered Especially In Dry Weatherkeep Fade

More Durable Shelterwith Integrated Easyflow™ Side Panels That Provide Airflow And Temperature Control So Your Developing Crops Get The Best Growing Environment And Plentiful Air flow For Healthy Developmentyou Can Depend On Its Convenient And Handy Bun

More Durable Shelterwith Integrated Easyflow™ Side Panels That Provide Airflow And Temperature Control So Your Young Plants And Developing Bedding Get The Best Growing Environment And Plentiful Air flow For Healthy Developmentyou Can Depend On Its Conve

More Floriferous Results Earlier In The Springplant The Bare Roots Into Weed Free

More Wildlife Friendly Boundary And Can Provide A Great Seasonal Display Of Flowers

Most Are Tall And Bloom In Mid to Late Springflowers April mayheight 50cm20in 

Most Are Tall And Bloom In Mid to Late Springflowers Mayheight 50cm20in 

Most Herbs Like A Sunny Spot But Will Appreciate A Bit Of Shade For Part Of The Day Half Hardy Perennial hhp Varieties Will Benefit From Some Protection Over Winter

Motorised Trimmers Accessories

Mould Resistant And Will Withstand Extreme Temperatures From 20°c To 60°c 25m Long 82ft And 15mm 12 Diameter pipe Supplied With Male Tap And Female Hose Connectorsmetal Hose Reel Cart Is Not Included

Mouth Watering Apples

Muscari Armeniacum X50

Mustard Red Frills


Natural Solution· Reduces Odours And Improves Water Clarity· Biodegradable And Non toxic To Humans

Natural Solutionreduces Odours And Improves Water Claritybiodegradable And Non toxic To Humans

Natural Solutionreduces Odours And Improves Water claritybiodegradable And Non toxic To Humans

Natural Source Of All Three Of The Major Nutrients Use As A General Purpose Food For A Wide Range Of Plant Types Being Especially High In Phosphorus Makes It Partially Good For Building Soil Fertility And Stimulating Strong

Nemesia Lagoon

No Dilution Necessarytreats An Area Of Plants Up To 30sqmgrazers

Normally Between Autumn And Early Spring

Not Out Of Place At The Top Flower showshow Your Plants Arrivesupplied In A 5 litre Pot


Nutrient rich Vegetables And Fruits250ml Pack Makes Up To 55 Gallons250 Litres improves Growthstimulates Strong Plant And Root Growthunlocks And Adds Valuable Trace Element Availabilityincreases Yields With Better Quality

Nutrient rich Vegetables And Fruitsimproves Growthstimulates Strong Plant And Root Growthunlocks And Adds Valuable Trace Element Availabilityincreases Yields With Better Quality


Obelisks Or Even Evergreen Shrubs That French Bean Can Climb Up Naturally Allow 30cm 12in Between Plants In The Row And 30cm 12in Between Rowssowing Outdoorssow Seeds In Their Permanent Position 30cm 12in Apart And 5cm 2in Deep Keep Soil Moist At All Time

Offer A 2 Year Deck

Oil Vinegar Bottles

On Top Of Arching Stems From Midsummer These Flowers Are Loved By Butterflies And Other Nectar Feeding Insects And So Is The Perfect Choice For A Wildflower Garden ‘royal Red’ Is An Excellent Variety Because It Produces Some Of The Biggest Flowers Of

Onto Which You Can Add A Padlock not Included For Security

Or At The Front Of A Flowerbedplant Up Several Pots Of 2 3 Plants For A Sight To Behold Pots Dotted Around The Patio Will Really Impress Guests – And For Such Little Effortgrow In Pots With Compost Suitable For Bedding To Ensure The Plants Have The Best

Or Both Mornings And Evenings During Periods Of Drought18 Plants Will Fit Comfortably In A 27m X 27m 9 X9 Ft Area On Your Vegetable Plot 

Or Both Mornings And Evenings During Periods Of Droughtsix Plants Will Fit Comfortably In A 90cm X 90cm 3 X3 Ft Area On Your Vegetable Plot 

Or Even In Full Sun So Plant This Versatile Variety Where It Suits Youas A Containerised Plant

Or Gritty Free Draining Compost Plant Bulbs Around 2 3 Times Their Depth After Care Let The Daffodil Leaves Die Down Naturally And Don39t Be Tempted To Cut Them Back Early The Foliage Needs To Absorb Energy Back To The Bulb To Ensure Next Years Flowers

Or Gritty Free Draining Compost Plant Bulbs Around 2 3 Times Their Depth After Care Let The Daffodil Leaves Die Down Naturally And Don39t Be Tempted To Cut Them Back Early The Foliage Needs To Absorb Energy Back To The Bulb To Ensure Next Years Flowers Fl

Or Gritty Free Draining Compost Plant Bulbs Around 2 3 Times Their Depthafter Care Let The Daffodil Leaves Die Down Naturally And Don’t Be Tempted To Cut Them Back Early The Foliage Needs To Absorb Energy Back To The Bulb To Ensure Next Years Flowersflo

Or Gritty Free Draining Compost Plant Corms Around 2 3 Times Their Depth After Care Let The Crocus Leaves Die Down Naturally And Don39t Be Tempted To Cut Them Back Early The Foliage Needs To Absorb Energy Back To The Bulb To Ensure Next Years Flowers Flow

Or Roasting With Sunday Lunch

Or Similar

Or Simply As A Weight Off Your Mind And Saving You Time And Effort On Wateringjust Plunge The Watering Spikes Into Soil Near Your Plants And The Adjustable Dripper Within The Spikes Drips Out Water At A Controlled Rate According To The Weather Less

Or Simply Stewed Great To Feed To Babies And Young Childrenwhile It Is Scarlet Red In The Young Stages

Or Swathe Effect

Orchids And Cactifor Medium Houseplants In Pots With Diameter 75 15cm 3 6insimply Open The Pouch Along The Top Where Marked Add The Sachet Of Powder And Fill With Water The Solution Turns Into A Gel Now Just Place Your Pot Plant Into The Pouch And Leave I

Ornamental And Medicinal Herb Garden With Our Range Of Young Perennial Herb Plants They Can Be Dotted Amongst Your Border Plants

Other Devices

Other Garden Equipment Decoration

Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor Lighting

Oxheart type Beefsteak  Tomato With Superbly Tasty Meaty Flesh This Excellent Variety Has Been Awarded A Best Buy By Which Magazine Who Described It As A Large


Particularly After Periods Of Heavy Rain Which May Wash Away Or Unevenly Distribute Some Of The Wood Fibreswhat Will 1 100litre Bag Coveri Bag Covers 6 Square Yards 5 Square Metres When Applied At A 1 ½ In 3cm Thicknessi Bag Will Cover Up To 45 50 Pots W

Particularly With Some Winter flowering Pansies Of A Contrasting Colourflowers February Marchheight 30cm 12inbulb 10 12cm

Pasture Field Mowers

Paths And Driveways

Patio Or Balcony It Also Has Drainage Holes At The Bottom Of The Planter Which Ensures Good Drainage In Wet Weather Whilst Also Promoting Healthy Root Grow For Prized Plantsmade From Uv And Frost Resistant Plastic Its Sure To Stand The Test Of Timethe Bar

Patios Or Kitchen Gardens✔ Grows Well In Large Containerscherry Twin Tree  napoleon Bigarreau Variks Black Grafted Onto One Root Stock rootstock coltflowering Group Self Fertile

Patios Or Kitchen Gardens✔ Grows Well In Large Containerspear Twin Tree conference  louise Bonne De Jersey Grafted Onto One Root Stockrootstock quince Aflowering Group Fg3years Until Fruiting From Planting 2 4age Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full G

Payton Lady Purple

Peach Melba Calibrachoatrixi Cherry Kiss Red Wine Petunia

Perfect For Eating Straight From The Tree✔ Two Varieties Grafted Onto One Stem✔ An Extended Cropping Season✔ 2 Different Flavours From The Same Amount Of Space✔ More Room In Your Garden For Other Crops✔ The Two Varieties Pollinate Each Other✔

Personalised Gifts

Pest Control

Petrol Mowers

Petrol Trimmers

Pets Foodstuffs   

Petunia Tumbelina Melissa

Picked As Unhearted Leafy Greens In Late Autumn From A Late August Planting

Picking Is Easy so



Pizza Or Pastayum

Place In The Soil Of Your Citrus Plant And Let Gravity Work Its Magic not For Human Consumption 

Placing Bulbs In The Soil To A Depth Of Three Times The Height Of The Bulbs 23 fill The Container With Bulb Compost Place The Allium Bulbs

Plant Care Earth

Plant Closely For Maximum Effect Plant With Tulips

Plant Seeds

Plant The Bulbs Around 2 3 Times Their Depth


Planting With Summer And Then Winter Bedding Or With A Shrub That Gives Seasonal Interest All Year Roundget Hold Of Several Planters So You Are Equipped To Plant Up Lots Of Container Plants For An Increased Impactful Display16in 40cm Diameter

Plants Plant Care

Plants Seeds

Plumbing Tools

Plump And Free Of Mould Or Bruisescan’t Plant Straight Awayall You Need To Do Is Make Sure The Bulbs Are Kept In Its Ventilated Bags And Kept In A Cool

Pond Accessories

Pond Lining

Pond Pumps

Position The Aquatic Plants Around The Container And Back fill With A Little More Aquatic Compost And Decorative Washed Graveleasy To Take Out And Place Into The Pond

Potato Beetle

Pots And Containers

Pots Pans

Preserving Equipment

press The Growpots Down To Pierce The Grow Bag With The Watering Spikesfeed Into The Centre Of The Pot And Water In The Sideboth Will Be Taken Up By The Plants Water Seeking Roots Below

Preventing Sweating And Rot And What Better Way To Store Onions

Protecting The Plants From Being Splashed The Smaller Plug Trays Allow You To Grow Smaller Batches Of Seed At Different Stages Of Growth Each Kit Comes Complete With A Range Of Cell Trays

Provide A Trellis For Its Flurry Of Flowering Stems To Climb Upscrambling Through Roses

Prune The ‘lollipop like Head Of The Plant

Pruning Out Any Diseases Stems Or Inward growing Stems And Keeping The Head In A Generally Regular Shape 

Puddings Jams Or Eating Fresh From The Treeplum ‘oullin’s Golden Gage’ – Fantastic Gage like Plum Great For Eating Fresh From The Tree Or For Freezing For Later✔ Two Varieties Grafted Onto One Stem✔ An Extended Cropping Season✔ 2 Different

Pull Up The Clutch lever And Off You Go To Stop Simply Release The Clutch Lever For Easy Storage The Lawnmower Handles Fold Down Tooplease Read Instructions Fully Before Useclick The Banner Above to Read The Instruction Manual




Rashes Are Much More An Easy An Inexpensive Way To Tend To Minor Accidents And Fallspeace Lilythe Flowering Stems Start Green And As They Grow Out From The Canopy And Fade To Pure White And Open To Reveal A Creamy white Hood Add This Plant To Your Home An

Ready To Burst Into Life In Spring Excellent Value For Money

Ready to plant

Reliably Producing A Heavy Crop Of Superbly Sweet

Rest Assured

Retaining His Links With Uk Sweet Peas

Retains Moisture And Drains Easily And Is 50 Lighter Than Standard Multi purpose Compost Making It Easier To Transport Round The Home And Gardenfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply

Retains Moisture And Drains Easilygro sure Container Basket Compost Is 50 Lighter Than Standard Multi purpose Composts Making It Is Easier To Transport Round The Home Gardenfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply

Retains Moisture And Drains Easilygro sure Container Basket Compost Is 50 Lighter Than Standard Multi purpose Composts Making It Is Easier To Transport Round The Home Gardenfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply 

Retains Moisture And Drains Easilythe Specialised Mix Of Peat And Wood Fibre Creates A Nutritious And Moisture holding Growing Medium That Plants Will Love There’ll Be Less Need For Watering With This Mix And Your Container And Hanging basket Flowers Wi

Roast It Or Fry Itdeliveredjan April

Robust And Disease Resistanthere’s How To Sow Seeds For Successful Germination…1      Fill A 6 9cm Pot Or Cell Tray With Seed Compost – Which Is Light And Contains A Small But Balance Level Of Nutrients In The Soil Overfill The Pot Or Cell Tray

Rooting Cuttings

Round Tubers

Rudbeckias And Echinops

Ruffled And Gently Wavedred Arrow  a Rich Deep Red Sweet Pea With Firmer Textured Petals Giving Better Resistance To Hot Weather Than Many Scarlets Holding Its Colour Well


Safe For Beneficial Insectsplace Traps In Trees In Early Mayrefills Available

Safety Glasses Noise protection

Safety Security

Sage Has A Long History Of Culinary Use  24in60cm

Scabious Pincushion Mixed


Scarves Headscarves

Seaweed Fertiliser Is Soluble And Easy To Add To Your Plants With Your Regular Watering contents 1 Litre Bottle Sufficient For 50 Litres Which Equates To 8 10 Watering Cans


Seeds Bulbs

Seek Out The Leatherjackets And Attack The Pest By Entering Natural Body Openingsonce Inside


Shallow Soils That Have Been Baked In The Sunif You Grow In Flowerbeds Space Plants Around 8in 20cm Apart An Area Of A Yard By A Foot 1m By 30cm Will Fit Around 20 30 Plants For A Dramatic Swathe Of Poppies Grow Several Packs Of 10 For Impressive Effectho


Sheds Garden Furniture

Sheltered Site Avoid Planting Bulbs In Soil That Gets Waterlogged And On Heavy Soils Add Grit To The Planting Hole To Prevent Bulbs Rotting Tulips Are Native To Hot Dry Regions Of Iran And Turkey Where They Thrive On Very Free draining Soils The Bulbs Enj


Shoes Boots

Shower resistant

Silvery grey Leaves Makes This A Real Sensory Addition To The Garden It Looks Good

Simply Cut All Stems Down To 6in 15cm Above Soil Level And Place Some Well rotted Compost Around The Stump This Keeps Your Clematis Plant Tidy

Slender Petals

Smooth Opening Operation With No Trip Hazard• Large Gutters And Downpipe For Collecting Rainwater

Smooth Opening Operation With No Trip Hazard• Large Gutters And Downpipe For Collecting Rainwater 

Snacks Chews


So Durable And Made Environmentally soundeasy to follow Assembly Instructionsplease Note There Will Be A Heavier Postage Charge On This Item We Can Only Deliver This Item To Uk Mainland  

So There39s No Need To Panic If You Miss A Few Days Watering

So You Can Be Safe In The Knowledge That Your Prize Plants Remain Unaffected From The Spray watch The Video Below keeping Hard surfaces Outdoors Safe And Attractivealgae Forms Atop Hard Surfaces Like Decking

So You Can Rest Assured You Have The Components That Will Work Universally With Any Hose Systemthe Hose Has A 10 Year Guarantee Too Under Normal Operating Conditions For Peace Of Mind 

So You’re Safe In The Knowledge That Your Plants Won’t Get Attacked By Pesky Pests Zip up Covers Mean Plants Are Easily Accessible For Watering And Feeding

So You’re Safe In The Knowledge That Your Plants Won’t Get Attacked By Pesky Pestszip up Covers Mean Plants Are Easily Accessible For Watering And Feeding

So You’ve No Need To Move The Bin Out When Adding Refuge Each Timedimensions Height 130cm 51 In X Length 2325cm 91 ½ In X Width 82cm 32 ½ In please Note There Will Be A Heavier Postage Charge On This Item We Can Only Deliver This Item To Uk Mainland

Spaced Every 16in 40cmeach Early spring

Spades Shovels Rakes


Spotlights Lighting Equipment

Spreading The Roots  Once They Are Well Rooted They Will Spread By Means Of The Underground Rhizomesthey Are An Excellent Ground Cover That Lasts Until Frost Sets  In They Will Form Large Clumps That Need Almost No Care And Live For Many Yearslily Of Th


Spurting Up From The Border With Long


Storage Containers Boxes

Stored And Planted The Following Springmagnificent Hand Sized Blooms on Robust Plants Giving Flower All Summer Long Voted Plant Of The Year Hta 2014

Strong And Fray proof bird Nettingno More Birds Stealing Your Crops With A Very Strong Knitted Construction

Strong Stems A Marvelous Grower Which Will Be An Asset On The Showbenchdaphne   bred By Unwins

Stronger Plants are Less Susceptible To Nutritional Disorders have Greater Resistance To Pests And Diseases produce Fruit Earlier by 2 3 Weeks give Higher Yields Of Top Quality Fruit Over A Longer Period Compared With Normal Plants are Particularly Recomm

Stronger Plants■ Are Less Susceptible To Nutritional Disorders■ Have Greater Resistance To Pests And Diseases■ Produce Fruit Earlier by 2 3 Weeks■ Give Higher Yields Of Top Quality Fruit Over A Longer Period Compared With Normal Plants■ Are Part

Studding The Ground Under Trees And Shrubs And In Woodlandflowers Aprilheight 25cm 10in

Stuffed Peppers And Casseroles A Warm Heat Without Blowing Your Head Off Grows To 4ft 12m In A Large Container Growing In A Smaller Container Will Restrict The Plant Size To Suitnorfolk Naga very Hot this One Is ‘blow Your Head Off’ Hot Our New Naga C

Such As A Frost free Greenhouse Or Cool Conservatory Fragrant Flowers Appear All Year Round Especially In Late Winter So They Often Flower And Fruit At The Same Timeour Citrus Trees Will Be Delivered As Potted Specimens In 3ltr Pots

Such As Purple Anemonesblue Metallic Lady Has Incredible Blueblack Petals With Striking White Stigma And Stamen In The Centre The Leaves Are An Attractive Palmate Shape

Such As Purple Anemoneshelleborus Pink Lady Has Soft Pink Petals with Pretty Purple Flecks In The Centre The Leaves Are An Attractive Palmate Shape

Such As Purple Anemoneslarge

Such As Purple Anemonesupright Stems Carry Showy

Such As Roses

Sugary And Most Delicious Flavour” Hv Taylor The Author Of ‘the Plums Of England’ In 1949 Rates The Greengage As Being “for All Purposes Unsurpassed”when Compared To The Attractive Deep Maroon Colouring Of Most Other Plums


Sun Recliners

Sungold Has A Growing Band Of Followers Who Believe Its Flavour Is Unbeatable

Sweet French Bean Flavour

Sweetly Scented Large Ruffled Flowers Are Carried On Long Stems An Unwins Bred Sweet Pea


Teen And Bunching Leaf Perfect For Salads And Stir Fries And A Healthy Staple For The Family plants Arrive To You As Ready rooted Young Plants With An Established Root Network

Temporarily deactived

Tender Heads And Spears Of Comparable Quality To Early Season Varieties

Thanks To Its Other Parent

The Allium Bulb Produces A Spectacular Drumstick Whose Blooms Erupt Into Flower In Early Summer

The Birds Are Less Likely The Find Them As Attractive

The Branching Upright Habit Of These Pollen free

The Bulbs Can Be Left In The Ground To Overwinter or Protected With Fleece If Youre In A Particularly Cold Area And They Will Return The Following Year

The Bulbs Will Store For Months

The Bulbs Will Store For Monthsgarlic Lautrec Wight  A Classic Hardneck Variety

The Canes Need Little Or No Support Autumn Bliss Is Perfect For The Home Gardener Or Those With Smaller Fruit And Vegetable Plots why Buy Primocane Raspberries You Can Pick Primocane Raspberries Until The First Frost Plant Eat Same Year Primocane Varieti

The Canes Need Little Or No Support Autumn Bliss Is Perfect For The Home Gardener Or Those With Smaller Fruit And Vegetable Plotswhy Buy Primocane Raspberries you Can Pick Primocane Raspberries Until The First Frost plant Eat Same Year Primocane Varieties

The Flower Tower Is Tough And Will Last For Many Years Plus At The End Of Each Season It Can Be Dismantled

The Foliage Is Darker And Plants Are More Uniform With Good Stability And bolt Resistance It Cooks Quickly

The Fruit Also Has A Wonderful Aromathe Plum Is Primarily Designed To Be Eaten Fresh

The Fruits Are Lovely To Eat Fresh From The Plant Or Added To Smoothies Rich In Antioxidants And Vitamins

The Fruits Are Lovely To Eat Fresh From The Plant Or Added To Smoothies Rich In Antioxidants And Vitaminssaskatoona North american Blueberry like Plant Producing Highly nutritious Edible Berries From June Plants Give Masses Of Vitamin rich Berries In The

The Glorious Green Wheatgrass Leaves Should Be Juiced To Create A Powerful Detoxifying Tonic Sowing Time All Year Round sowing Indoors Sprouting Seeds Can Be Grown Successfully On Any Warm

The Gro sure Tomato Food Includes Added Magnesium Which Is Essential For Healthy Tomato Crops Its Natural Formulation Delivers Balanced Plant Growth

The Large Fruit Is Easily Picked from Short Strigs Ready For Harvesting Mid july

The Mix Offers The Perfect Density To Anchor The Terrestrial Base Roots In Place

The Optimum Level To Ensure The Correct Amount Of Nutrients Are Freely Available For Uptakewell Draining Compostfeed For Five Weeksdevelops Strong Healthy Plantsfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply

The Optimum Level To Ensure The Correct Amount Of Nutrients Are Freely Available For Uptakewell Draining Compostfeed For Five Weeksrich In Nutrients For Hungry Plantsfor Orders Of 3 Bags Or More Additional Delivery Charges Will apply

The Products May Not Be Identical During The Spring And Summer The Trees Will Produce New Leaf Growth Which Can Be Pruned Into The Desired Shape as The Bay Trees Are Intended For Onwards Planting Into Containers

The Shoots Are Very Attractive To Birds

The Spine Free Shoots Are Semi erect Resulting In An Easy To Manage

The Walnut

The White Clover Is Certainly The One To Grow Its A Great Souce Of Nectar

The White Flowers Are Striped With Inky Blue Markings interesting For The Garden Displays And Flower Arrangements Alikelovejoy Lovejoy Has Very Distinctive Deep Maroon Blooms

Theme Cookbooks

Then Plant Them Up In Small Pots If The Stem Tip Is Bent

There Are Both Male And Female Flowers The Female Flowers Mature Into Spikey Green Fruits Which Can Contain 1 To 3 Excellent Chestnuts When Matured The Trees Bark Is Dark Brown And Has Deep Vertical Cracks Which Spiral Up The Treethe Sweet Chestnut Is Oft

There Is A Variety To Suit All Tastes

These Containers Can Be Used Over And Over Again Freezer

They Are Great For Re planting With Seasonal Flowers In Winter Plant Up Structural Stems Of Reed And In Summer

They Areeasy To Grow And Once Planted Require Little Maintenancedrought Tolerant And Weather Resistantreasonably Hardy So Can Be Planted Out Earlier Than Other Bedding Varietieshave A Long Flowering Season From June To September24 Geraniums Will Be Enough

They Areeasy To Grow And Once Planted Require Little Maintenancedrought Tolerant And Weather Resistantreasonably Hardy So Can Be Planted Out Earlier Than Other Bedding Varietieshave A Long Flowering Season From June To September96 Plug Plants Will Fill Ro

They Feature Removable Side Panels That Make Planting Up Incredibly Quick And Easy they Don’t Need A Liner And Have A Flat Bottom To Prevent The Baskets From Tipping When You Are Planting The Base Also Acts Like A Reservoir To Help Retain Waterthe 12

They Feature Removable Side Panels That Make Planting Up Incredibly Quick And Easythey Don’t Need A Liner And Have A Flat Bottom To Prevent The Baskets From Tipping When You Are Planting The Base Also Acts Like A Reservoir To Help Retain Waterthe 12”

They Have A Minimum Of Three Strong Healthy Stems To Give You A Well Balanced Plant And Lots Of Flowers Bare Root Plants Establish More Quickly And Can Be Planted Much Earlier Than Potted Rosesour Bare Root Roses Will Be Delivered From october To End Of

They Have A Minimum Of Three Strong Healthy Stems To Give You A Well Balanced Plant And Lots Of Flowersbare Root Plants Establish More Quickly And Can Be Planted Much Earlier Than Potted Rosesour Bare Root Roses Will Be Delivered From october To End Of A

They Have Been Grown Very Successfully In The Uk Since The Early 1860’swhen In The Full Sun The Nectarines Skin Has A Wonderful

They Sprout To Develop Lovely Leaves And Handsome Flower Spikes Through The Summerthe Bulbs Arrive In A Plastic Bag With Ventilation Holes So That The Bulbs Gets Plenty Of Air This Ensures The Bulbs Are Kept Healthy And Prevents The Bulbs From Rotting

They Will Spring Into Flower Months Earlier

They39re Flexible And Long lasting Toouse With Aquatic Compost And Gravel Read Detailed Instructions On How To Plant And Grow Pond Plants Herecollection Includes 6 Aquatic Planters3 X Small Square 1ltr Aquatic Plantersideal For Planting Small Pond side An

Thin Them Out To About 2cm 1in Aparttransplanting Plant Out To Their Permanent Positions In Late Autumn

This Involves Removing Poorly Placed

This Is A True Dessert Varietythe Currants Are Big And Early Ripening We Were Picking Fruit Up To 18mm Diameter In Early July 2008

This Resin Is Known As Storax And Is Often Used As Chewing Gum By Americans This Resin Can Also Be Used In Order To Make Glue And In Cosmetics Such As Soap The Wood Of The Tree Can Be Used In Order To Make Furniture

This Variety Can Be Harvested As Delicious Leafy Greens From May

Three Or Four Hours After Wateringwhen The Bulb Is In Flower

Thriving On Poor Quality Soils Plant Yours In Poorly Fertile Soil To Achieve The Most Flowers Genista Lydia Is An Rhs Agm Winner And A Great Plant For A Large Rockeryplantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Ballgently Tap The Pl

To Achieve Brilliant And Vibrant Bloomsthe Leaves Are Excellent Hiding spots For Fish And Other Pond Wildlife And Provide A Cool Haven In The Height Of Summer

To Back This Up

To Encourage Next Year’s Flowers And Keep Plants Neat

To Protect Those Precious Plants From Garden Pests

To Water Or Spray Climbing Plants And Trees Without Any Loss Of Pressure


Tool Sheds

Tough And Durable To All Weathers This 17′ 42cm Hand Push Mower Is Perfectly Suited If You Have A Small To Medium Garden And You Need To Easily Get Into Nooks And Cranniesafter Mowing Fold This Easy Manoeuvrable Model Easily With Its Quick Release Handl

Toys Equipment for Playing Outdoors


Transplant 5cm 2in Apart Into Trays Of Potting Compost Grow In A Minimum Temperature Of 15 Deg –c 60 Deg –fplanting Out Plant Into Growing Bags Or The Greenhouse Border 45cm 18in Apart When The First Flowers Have Openedaftercare Water Regularly And Fe

Transplant 5cm 2in Apart Into Trays Of Potting Composthardening Off Planting Out Gradually Accustom Plants To Outside Conditions For 2 3 Weeks Before Planting Out When Danger Of Frost Has Passed Allow 20 30cm 8 12in Between Plantsspecial Note Sowings Mad

Transplant 5cm 2in Apart Into Trays Of Potting Composthardening Off Planting Out Gradually Accustom Plants To Outside Conditions For 2 3 Weeks Before Planting Out When Danger Of Frost Has Passed Allow 20 30cm 8 12in Between Plantsspecial Note Sowings Made

Transplant Into 3½in 7cm Pots To Establishgrow On Plant Out Into Individual Pots Or Growing Bags At A Minimum Of 15°c 60°fharvest August october Feed Regularly To Increase Flowering And Fruiting Very Compact Plant

Treat As Regular Canes  

Troughs And Window Boxesour Fragrant Spring Cheer Container Collection Includes A Total Ofnarcissus Bridal Crown X 14 The Clusters Of Creamy Flowers Are Strongly Scented And Good For Cuttingtulip Oriental Beauty X 14 An Elegant Red Tulip That Doesn’t Ge


Tug It Gently Once


Under Carefully Controlled Conditions So That They Really Speed Ahead We Then Deliver Them To You In Earlymid April Ready To Pot Up Into 35in9cm Pots Harden Off In A Cold Frame And Plant Out End Of Aprilearly May

Unwins Recommend Planting The Tulips At Least Twice Their Depth And Around One Bulb Width Apart

Use Them Stuffed For An Italian Inspired Starterafter Care Keep Courgette Plants Well Watered

Used In Stir Fries Or Even Raw In Salads Due To High Sugar Content Awarded Rhs Award For Garden Meritbred For Flavour

Uv stabilised Polypropylene molded Plastic Connectors


Vegetable Seeds


Vented Lid Allows Seedlings To Grow Unimpeded

Versatile Herbs

Very Heavy Cropper This Means Even If You Pick A Mass For Your Kitchen There Will Still Be Plenty Of Fruits Left To Provide Plenty Of Autumn Colour To Your Treeonce Established The Heavy Cropping Yields Are Consistent Giving You Year Upon Year Of Masses O

Very Resistant To Bolding And Good Flavour 12 Radicchio Trevi Adds Colour And Crunch To Your Salads Can Also Be Cooked And Used As A Vegetable The Colour Deepens As The Weather Gets Cooler12 Sugar Loaf Chicoryquick Growing

Vibrant Dome plantingdig A Hole Large And Deep Enough To Take The Plant’s Root Ballgently Tap The Plant Out Of Its Pot Without Disturbing The Soil Around The Rootsposition The Plant At The Bottom Of The Hole So The Plant’s Crown Is Level With The Sur

Video DVD buy

Vigorous Plants A Mid Season Variety With A Lovely Rich Colour And Flavour sowing Timeindoors March –mayoutdoors Maysowing Indoors Sow Seeds Individually In Small Pots Of Moist Seed Compost 1 Cm 12 In Deep Place In The Warmth 15 18 Deg C 60 65 Deg F Gro



Wall lamps


Water Lightly

Water Well  you Can Keep Pesky Cabbage White Butterflies And Birds Away By Applying Netting To Ensure This Sprout’s Naturally Robust Growthin Late Winter

Watering cans water sprayers

We’ve Got It Covered With Envii Foundation how To Applyfoundation Comes As A Dissolvable Tablet That Works On Fortifying Your Plants It Includes Beneficial Bacteria Which Colonise And Surround The Roots The Bacteria Then Form A Force field Around The R

We’ve Got It Covered With Envii Foundationhow To Applyfoundation Comes As A Dissolvable Tablet That Works On Fortifying Your Plants It Includes Beneficial Bacteria Which Colonise And Surround The Roots The Bacteria Then Form A Force field Around The Roo

Well Cultivated Soil In Sun Or Part Shade Space Plants around 15 20cms Apart Keep Moist Until Establisheddeadhead Spent Flowers To Prolong The Display

Well Cultivated Soil In Sun Or Part Shade Space Plants around 15 20cms Apart Keep Moist Until Establisheddeadhead Spent Flowers To Prolong The Display 

Well Designed And Will Fit Into Any Style Of Gardenthe Wood Used In Their Manufacture Comes From Sustainable Woodlandheight 39cm X W1m Xd50cm

Well drained Soil And Lots Of Sunshine Plant The Tubers When There Is No Risk Of Frost And The Soil Has Warmed Up When They Are One Foot Tall Start Staking Them Lift After The Frost Has Touched The Plants And Store The Tubers In A Cool

Well drained Soil And Lots Of Sunshineafter Care Deadhead Spent Flowers Regularly To Keep Dahlias In Bloom Until The Frosts Lift After The Frost Has Touched The Plants And Store The Tubers In A Cool

Well Drained Soil In A Sunny Or Part Shaded Positionthese Plants Are Grown For Their Ornamental Appeal But  Angelica Stems Can Also Be Cut And Candied  

Well Grown Crowns To Allow Optimum Development Do Not Cut In First Year And Cut Spears Only Sparingly In Second Year

Well Suited To Urban

Wellington Boots

Wet Soils And Will Not Germinate In Unfavourable Conditions We Recommend That You Do Not Sow Seeds Outdoors Until Mid Maydirect Sow In Mid May Outdoors To A Depth Of 5cm 2in Allow 46cm 18 ½ In Between Rows And 20 30cm 8 12in  between Plants Ensure Wig w

Wheelbarrows Sack Trucks

Where It Is Taken In Systemicallytrace Element Based So Is Beneficial To The Plant And Can Safely Be Used On Young Plants Even At The Earliest Growth Stageshelps The Plant Heal Itself And Repair Any Damage Already Causeduse Biocides Safely Always Read The

Whether You Choose Bedding

Which Can Affect The Health Of The Plant When It’s Growingcheck Your 25 Bulbs In The Mesh Bag

Which Can Sometimes Come As A Shock When You First Cut Into Them

Which Creates A Good Seal To Lock In All The Flavourthese Bottles Are Function Alnd Look Great Too completely Re usable Replacement Lids With Integral Sealpourer Are Available Separately

Which Enables You To Produce A better Quality Crop and Boost Your Plant Growththe Feed Formula Is seaweed Enhanced for Extra Micro Nutrients And Should Produce A fantastic tomato Crop

Which In Turn Creates Strong And Leafy Plants      with A Handy Lower Shelf

Which Is Usually The Case With This Heavy Cropper

Which Itself Is A Cross Between James Grieve And Also Golden Deliciousred Falstaff Has A Pleasing Sharp Taste If You Eat It Straight From The Tree The Parentage Of Golden Delicious Gives Red Falstaff Is Very Heavy Cropping Qualities

Which Means Is Can Be Used All year Round this Tool Is Durable

Which There Most Likely Will Berootstock Quince Aflowering Group Fg3years Until Fruiting From Planting 2 4age Of Tree At Despatch 2height At Full Growth 4m13ftmost Of Our Trees Are Delivered As Bare Rooted Specimens With Approximate Height Of 35ft 5ft 10

Which Throw Up Spikes Of Pale Violet Flowers Throughout The Summer And Has The Added Advantage Of Being Heat Tolerant

Which Will Leave You Wanting Moresowing Timeindoors March –mayoutdoors Maysowing Indoors Sow Seeds Individually In Small Pots Of Moist Seed Compost 1cm12 In Deep Place In The Warmth 15 18c 60 65f Grow On Under Cool

While Being Strong Enough To Withstand All Weathers Its Generous 12 ½ Inch Diameter And 8 ½ Inch Depth Means It’s Suitable For Planting Both Summer And Winter Bedding Displays Including Bulbs

While Maintaining Impressive Yieldsthis Popular And Tasty Variety Is Self fertile sf So It Flowers And Fruits Independently They Produce Fruit

While Provide Beautiful Shades 

Who Has Won More Than 25 Gold Medals At The Rhs Chelsea Flower Show this Beautifully illustrated A4 Book Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Growing Splendid And Beautiful Bulb forming Flowers In One Beautifully Illustrated Volume 120 pages Gener

Will Keep Until January

Will Keep Until Januaryplease Note All Orders Received In Early Autumn Will Be Despatched For Autumn Planting This Year Late Orders Received After 30 November Will Be Shipped In February Next Year

Will Last A Long Time Too Plant Plenty In Your Garden If You’re After Indoor Displays So That You Can Enjoy Them For Even Long

Win Variety

With A Very Good Rich Sweet Sharp Flavour It Can Also Be Used As A Substitute For Cox39s Orange Pippin In Apple Cookery Slices Keep Their Shape When Cookedunlike Cox39s Orange Pippin

With And Without Black Eyes

With Approximate Height Of Up To 100cm35ft Depending On The Variety

With Careful Culture

With Free Fertiliser Worth £695onion Shakespearethis British Bred

With Healthy Young Leavescan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plant On A Saucer Or Tray Of Water S

With Healthy Young Leavescan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Perennial Flower Plant Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plug Of Your Plant Is Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plant On A Saucer Or Tray Of W

With Healthy Young Leavescan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Perennial Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Ca

With Healthy Young Leavescan’t Plant Straight Awayif You Cannot Plant Up Your Perennial Flower Plants Straight Away Into Their Permanent Position Make Sure The Plugs Of Your Plants Are Kept Moist At All Timesyou Can Place Your Plant On

With Its Vivid Shades Of Red And Gold And Their Distinct Scent Which Fills The Air Around Themplant The Wallflowers As Soon As You Receive Them sept nov

With Just A Hint Of Fruit Acidgourmet Chef Raymond Blanc Was Heard Describing Marshmello As Simply “the Sweetest Strawberry I’ve Ever Tasted”delivered January april

With Low Shelf For Carrying Big Bags Of Feed And Composts And A Handy Basket To Store Scissors

Without Any Of The Precautions Associated With Chemical Use

Without Touching Plant Stems Wear Gloves When Handling store In A Dry

Wonderful Planted In Patio Containers Or In The Border The Sturdy Stems Also Stand Up Well To Spring Weathergarden Hyacinth Bulb Are Perfect For Creating A Spring Display

Wood burrowing Insects And Adverse Weather In The Long Termthis Planter Comes Complete With A Permeable Liner Which Means Your Ornamentals And Crops Can Take Up Water As And When They Need It

Wooden Frame Or Raised Bed

Work Protective Clothing

Working Well In Savoury Salads For Example

Wrap And Eat A Great Alternative To Gluten based Tortillascabbage Gunma Is Delicious To Eat Cooked Or Raw In Salads


You Can Attack The Root Of The Problem Efficiently it Can Also Work In Water Temperatures As Low As 4°c

You Can Expect 8 12 Tomatoes Per Fruiting Cluster In A Single Harvest They’re Just Perfect For Popping In Your Mouth Straight From The Plant

You Can Plant This In The Ground At Any Time Of The Year Try To Avoid Planting During Drought Conditions

You Probably Want Them To Be About The Same Mature Size On Any Given Rootstocka Regular Bramley39s Seedling Will Become Much Larger Than The Others Whereas Bramley 20 Will Have Similar Proportions To The Other Trees Although The Tree Is Smaller

You Want To Make Sure That This Is Kept At Bay Or Is Easy To Clear With The Use Of Ecosure Pond Clear By Envii

You Will Be Picking Your First Crop In 2012primocane autumn fruiting Varieties Fruit On Canes Produced In The Current Year After Cropping