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Styles of gardens

Before starting the design for your garden think about the styles of gardens that you are going to consider. †There is no reason why you need to have your garden in all the same style but you should consider how you will link the areas together.

The style of garden you chose will play a big part in what plants† you use and how you build your garden.

Take time to look at other peoples garden to see what you like and donít like.† A visit to a national trust property can be useful to see how all the plants in garden will look when mature.


Formal Garden

Formal Gardens

A formal garden is likely to be of interest to gardeners who light is neat edges and a high degree of order within their garden. Variations on formal gardens include herb gardens, rose gardens, paved gardens and courtyard gardens.† Its very much up to your personal choice as to what is right for you.

Informal Garden

Informal Gardens

Informal gardens are more likely to appeal to people who enjoy the natural shape of nature and to encourage the garden to develop naturally rather than in a specific order.† Informal gardens can take shape of gardens to attract wildlife, cottage gardens or a more woodland style gardens.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Gardens.

There are inspirations for gardens all over the world. Japanese gardens can take the form of purist Japanese gardens which seek to faithfully reproduce a garden in Japan.† Others take the inspiration from japan and build it into their garden. Japanese gardens tend to have raked sands and carefully placed rocks and water features.

Gravel Garden

Gravel gardens

These gardens are ideal for smaller spaces or where the gardener has little time to maintain the garden.† Gravel is an effective weed prevention device as well as framing plants and providing both water retention and drainage.

garden decking

Decked gardens

These gardens are ideal for smaller spaces or where the gardener has little time to maintain the garden.† Decked gardens usually confine plants to pots, raised borders and planters. These are ideal for entertainment or where the outdoors is to be seamlessly integrated with the indoors. For more information on garden decking take a look at our guide to decking

Mediterranean Gardens

Mediterranean Gardens

Again these can be suitable for smaller spaces or where you have high walls from a neighbouring property. Paved areas with bricks or pavers create a useable space and climbing plants over pergolas create a Mediterranean feel to the garden.







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