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Gardening with children

Gardening with kids is a great way of getting them interested in the outdoors as well educating them in how things such as vegetables and fruits are grown.

Children have a natural thirst for knowledge and most children will enjoy the experience of growing their own plants.† Taking responsibility for looking after their own plants and watching them grow will also instil a sense of responsibility.

We suggested that giving your kids a small plot of their own within your garden is an excellent way of introducing them to gardening.†


Let them work with you to plan what they want their garden to be like.† Let them design it as itís important that its their creation.


Once they have planned their garden help them to plant it making sure they have a variety of plants including some vegetables to grow.† Vegetable growing is particularly rewarding and educational for children as it helps them understand food better and allow them to tangibly enjoy the fruits of their labour at the end.

Garden Tools

If you can, try and buy some simple garden tools designed for children.† They will find them more manageable and more likely to stick at gardening.

Looking after their garden

Its important that you let your child take responsibility for looking after their garden.† Its important for them to see the rewards of a well looked after garden as well as what happens when they donít.

Garden Insects and Bugs

Kids love bugs and creepy crawly.† Encourage them to explore whatís living in their little garden.† Itís a great way to introduce your children to nature in all shapes and sizes.† Its important to warn your children that bugs can sometimes bite and sting

Building a wormery with your children is a great† way of getting your children to respect and better understand nature. We all know that worms are a critical part of any garden



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